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Marine civil engineering

Port and harbour engineering and the detailed design of marine works such as quay walls, jetties, mooring and berthing facilities, dolphins, floating pontoons and retaining structures have been one of our core activities for more than 25 years.

We take care of detailed studies or complete assignments for new jetties as well as of the possible required capacity increase of your jetty, both locally and abroad.

Our many years of experience allows us to, after determining the capacity of your mooring facility, carry out an optimization study of the possible required upgrades.

All studies are performed according to international codes and standards, using specialized software for the determination of loads (wind, currents, passing ships, etc…) on the marine constructions.

We also take care of the design reviews with the various government services and the layout of the required building permit application file on your behalf.

If required, we will execute the independent diving inspection to check the parts situated under water.

Complete assignments of marine engineering are carried out according to the following schedule:

Basic design

  • Preliminary study
  • Budgeting
  • Discussions with the port authorities
  • Cost price analysis of the different solutions
  • Request for a building permit

Invitation to tender

  • Development of the final design
  • Drafting of the tender package
  • Analysis of the tenders

Detailed design

  • The detailed design and issuing of the execution drawings
  • Site visits and coordination of the work
  • Persistent inspection of the work, supplemented by a diving inspection where needed
  • Budget control
  • Assistance with provisional and final acceptance

You will find a wide range of recently completed projects in our reference list.

New projects:

  • Jetty upgrade for IBR Antwerp
  • New post panamax container terminal in Gdansk, Poland: mooring analyses and fender design
  • New berth for LPG-tankers in Antwerp
  • New tanker jetty for Liefkenshoek Logistical Hub NV at Kallo
  • New tanker jetties for ITC-Rubis in Kallo


Our references.

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