Studiebureel Stranger bvba
Berchemlei 75/77
B-2140 Antwerp | Belgium
Tel: +32(0)3 235 48 88
Fax: +32(0)3 235 53 69

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About Studiebureel Stranger Bvba

Studiebureel Stranger Bvba, established in 1973, is an independent civil engineering company with a broad rang of activities in the area of structural engineering, marine engineering and industrial design.

Integration of engineering and design activities ensure a well-designed rational concept from the start and optimisation where functionality forms the core.

We strive for optimal service by motivated and professional employees, aimed at rapid interventions. To this, we can bank on our extensive experience and we use the most advanced technical means and software.

Our collaborators

Chris Stranger   Civil Construction Engineer
Stijn   Civil Construction Engineer
Jan   Designer
Olivier   Designer
 Mario    Designer
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